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ArtsDot FAQ 1/2 (Frequently Asked Question, FAQ, F.A.Q.)

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ArtsDot FAQ 1/2 (Frequently Asked Question, FAQ, F.A.Q.)

What We Offer, How to Search, What kind of photos can be used to paint, Photo portrait, Mockup, How do I Get My Photos to You, What guarantee do I get, How much will a portrait cost...

ArtsDot – What We Offer!

Our mission is to make fine art accessible to everyone. We have a great list of master artists who can create a real masterpiece. Each artist specializes in a special style, so he can make the reproduction you choose look quite authentic.





What do you have to know about us!

We do business on internet since 2004. Thousands of customers have been satisfied !

Hundreds of review on totally independent website confirm the quality of our work! If you are not 100% satisfied we refund you 100% - 100% warranty on all our products.




Hand made oil paintings - Our Process

After you order your painting on ArtsDot, we will manage your order and we will provide you a management interface

Step one – You will be sent a confirmation email immediately after you make an order. Check your email, verify it and continue to make an order.

Step two – For portrait orders, you will receive a digital mock-up for an approval. It means that you have an ability to see every detail and color of your order. If you are not satisfied with a color of a digital mock-up you are free to change it before our artists will start to paint.

Step three – Our artist paints your artwork. Every artwork is a high quality hand –made oil reproduction that is why it takes 4 weeks to finish a masterpiece.

Step four – When your artwork is ready we send a photo for your approval.
Step five – You approved the painting, We frame it and prepare your package for shipping.
Step six – Your artwork is shipped by DHL FEDEX and you will receive a tracking code. You can use your tracking code to see an exact date of an order arrival andor to contact the shipping company.


Your order management system

  1. You will be send a SMS and email with a link to your order management.
  2. You can check the status of your order at any time using the link provided.
  3. You are free to send us photos and instructions concerning your order while it is in process.
  4. You will be sent a photo of an artwork before shipping. In such a way you will be sure that it is exactly the quality you expect. You may approve it or ask some improvements


Quality of the hand made oil reproductions


What is the process and quality of the handmade oil reproductions?

Our reproduction process is done entirely by hand by our professional and talented artists. They are experts regarding the color and techniques of the Great Masters we admired. Each painting is done on 100% cotton artist canvas with high quality oils. Each painting is carefully reproduce to attain the closest possible match to the original. We take time to make sure you receive the absolute best quality.



Can I see the actual brush strokes?

Yes. Our paintings are actual 100% hand-painted oil on canvas. You can see, touch and feel the actual brush strokes on each and every one of our painting.






How close are the paintings to the originals?

It is our passion to bring the absolute best reproduction possible to our customer. Rest assure we will reproduce to the closest details as the original. However, slight variance is possible in the reproduction process. Follow the link to get more information about paintings mage in ArtsDot Studio.



How are your paintings different from posters, prints and transfers?

In ArtsDot, we do not utilize any computer-aided or printing process. As a result our reproduction revealed a much deeper tonal range, texture and shapes of the mediums used on the original painting.
It is reproduce by real artist on a blank canvas. Everything is real, down to the scent of the wet oil.





Do you use computer printing techniques?

No, our paintings are 100% hand painted by an experienced artist with many paintings hours of practice in style or master art reproduction you want. Nothing is computer generated or printed. This is noticeable when you receive the painting and see every oil brush stroke.



Style of painting

We have many different painters in ArtsDot studio,we can paint your custom photograph in any style you wish. The artist given the commission will be an exert painter in the style you choose.


Hand made oil reproductions options 

Photo portrait

When asking to paint a custom portrait for you, make sure that the face in the photo is placed at the same angle as you want it to be in the painting. Do the same for all the faces to be painted in the painting, even if these faces are on different photographs. If you plan on customizing an art reproduction and placing your own face or the of a loved one on the famous “La Joconde” you must angle the persons head in the same direction as the one in the original portrait.


Complex panting involving the integration of more than one person, the addition of smiles, changes of background, etc. We at will first create a digital mockup and send it to you for your approval, before starting on the handmade oil painting.

Can you reproduce a painting that is not on the web site?

Yes absolutely. Our artist can recreate and reproduce any painting of your choice to your exact specification. We have successfully reproduced portraits and artwork from photos. The prices for custom reproduction will be priced and quote according to size and complexity of the subject. 

Please send an e-mail to

1) Attach a picture of the painting, artwork or a portrait photo
2) Indicate the size you want to have reproduce
3) We will reply to you with a price quote and approximate delivery time

Aged & Cracked (craquelure) oil paintings

We specialize in a unique Aged & Cracked (craquelure) process to give your painting that “antique look”, just like the original. Most of our paintings can be ordered with the aged and cracked look. The artwork is painted with special oils and techniques on a specially prepared canvas. The result is a unique cracked effect which gives the painting a genuine aged appearance. You will be amazed by the authentic look of our Aged & Cracked (craquelure) reproductions. Take a look at the sample paintings below. It will give you a better idea of how the painting will look when completed.

You can offer a gift package

ArtsDot now offers a gift package option! When choosing the gift package option, your painting or print order will come in a gift box with a nice greeting card attached to it.


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ArtsDot FAQ 1/2 (Frequently Asked Question, FAQ, F.A.Q.)

What We Offer, How to Search, What kind of photos can be used to paint, Photo portrait, Mockup, How do I Get My Photos to You, What guarantee do I get, How much will a portrait cost...

ArtsDot FAQ 1/2

¿ArtsDot – Lo que ofrecemos, Cómo buscar, Sobre nosotros, Cuadros pintados al óleo a mano – Nuestro Proceso, Sistema de Gestión del Pedido, Calidad de las Reproducciones al Óleo a mano.

Ejemplos de pinturas hechas en el studio de ArtsDot – muestra de ArtsDot

Todos los días en el estudio de ArtsDot, nuestro equipo de expertos está ocupado haciendo reproducciones de obras maestras en pintura al óleo para la mejor pared de su casa u oficina. Como puede ser visto en los ejemplos mostrados aquí, hacen un muy buen trabajo. Cuando un cliente lo pide, nuestro grupo de profesionales responde. Se usa la mejor calidad de óleo y lienzo. Y el artista fiel y pacientemente reproduce los trabajos de arte vastamente conocidos en occidente.

ArtsDot showcase - Some example of paintings made in ArtsDot studio

Every day in their studio at ArtsDot, our team of expert artists is busy making excellent reproductions of art masterpieces as real oil paintings for the best wall of your home or office. As can be seen from the examples shown here, they do a very good job. Using the best quality oil paint, and the support canvas, our staff artists patiently and faithfully reproduce well-known works in western art, only when they receive orders from our customers.

ArtsDot FAQ - 2/2

Opciones de reproducciones al óleo a mano, de Fotografía a Pintura, Creación de bosquejos, ¿Podemos reproducir un cuadro que no está en la página web?, Impresiones, Pinturas Murales, Marcos, Galería de Pinturas al Óleo, Envíos, Pagos, Garantía.

ArtsDot FAQ 2/2

Opciones pinturas hechas a mano - Impresiones - Pinturas murales de pared - Marcos - Pinturas al óleo del grupo establecido - Pintura de una foto - Entrega - Pago - Garantía

Movimientos del arte 2/2

Ha habido y hay muchas escuelas, movimientos, grupos y estilos en el arte, para que se pongan al día con la amplia selección de obras de arte que tenemos disponibles para usted aquí. Aquí está una muy breve introducción a ellos.