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Prints That You Can Afford

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Prints That You Can Afford works to product beautiful images on a canvas for you. These images are not original works of painting but are those that we reproduce on orders from a paper or a digital source. It is not uncommon to stumble across great works of arts like William Blake’s Newton, but to be unable to afford them. We make it easier for you by delivering high quality prints that look just like the original work! works to product beautiful images on a canvas for you. These images are not original works of painting but are those that we reproduce on orders from a paper or a digital source. It is not uncommon to stumble across great works of arts like William Blake’s Newton , but to be unable to afford them. We make it easier for you by delivering high quality prints that look just like the original work!

We pride ourselves on delivering this art work on a high-quality canvas, which is a 100 percent cotton and no polyester. This ensures that not only the colors but also the texture of the image gives the appearance of a real painting. The canvas that we deliver on is a high quality 450 GSM, semi-matt material. Our focus is to provide beautiful and long-lasting images, which is why the canvas we use is waterproof. Your painting will, therefore, stay fresh and undamaged for several years to come!


The Giclee Procedure

While reproducing these images, we use the Giclee procedure. In layman terms, Giclee, which comes from a French word which means to spray or to squirt, is a printing technology involved in the procedure of reproducing pieces of fine art. The printing technique is particularly aimed at images intended to be displayed indoors, since exposure to outdoor lightening is not ideal for these printed images; they are rather kept in indoor lightening. They are, therefore, ideal for using as an interior decoration tool in homes and offices, while they are also perfect for displaying in painting galleries.


Giclee printing (also referred to as Iris printing, since it was started by iris Graphic in the 1970s) creates images through high-quality digital scans, using archival quality inks. The ink we use is an eco-solvent, anti-UV liquid, which protects the image against potential damage from sunlight. The process does not involve any mechanical equipment, which is why it has the appearance of a genuine painting. The process, however, must not be confused with a usual ink-jet printer, since a Giclee image is a lot larger. Typically, these images are just over a meter wide.


How Giclee Printing Ink Differs from Desktop Printer’s Ink

Giclee prints are usually created using 8-color to 12-color ink jet printers. Once an image is digitally archived, it can be reproduced using Giclee printers with minimal effort and at a low cost. This modern technology equipment allows incredibly detailed prints that look like original works of fine art. Giclee printing is majorly similar to inkjet printing and the procedure seems similar to that carried out by a regular desktop printing. With time, however, the procedures have evolved and there are now major differences between the two. The process must not be confused with a usual ink-jet printer. There are numerous diversities between the two, one being the fact that a Giclee image is a lot larger than one a desktop printer can print. Typically, these images are just over a meter wide.

While a Giclee print is indeed an inkjet print, it is a lot more professional than images produced by a desktop printer commonly owned at homes and offices. In fact, Giclee prints do not even use the ink used in ordinary printers. The ink used is a special light-fast ink that can last up to several decades. This means that you do not have to worry about a Giclee printed painting to not last. When rightly done, a painting can last up to 50 years without any of the colors fading or looking older! Our printing technique, therefore, provides the perfect value for money!


The Importance of Professional Giclee Printers

Giclee prints produce the best quality when created by professionals, since inexperience can cause a print to fade or become yellowish after a few years. When created by a professional, the result is a vibrant product with impressive loyalty to the work it has been reproduced from. It is essential for the person carrying out the task to be familiar with profiling, colors and printer calibration. Since the process is technical, the slightest errors in the proceedings can greatly effect the quality of the result produced. At, therefore, we pay great attention to the work being done by highly qualified staff only.


Our Printing Equipment

At, we use Roland printers to do the job. This state-of-the-art machinery allows 12 colors, thus enabling us to effectively copy the shades of colors from original paintings. This also allows the spraying of millions of tiny dots onto a canvas to create an amazing image with a high quality. This spraying is done on high-quality fine art paper, in our case, being a high-quality canvas made out of 100% cotton. This quality enables us to produce images with stunning clarity. The modern techniques, when carried out by experts, enables us to come up with images with the tiniest of details being focused on. One such work that we offer, with every tiny detail highlighted by the Giclee print, is Nebuchadnezzar. The Giclee printing technique promises every refined detail being copied into the print and giving the painting alarming resemblance to the original work!


The process is particularly beneficial, especially if you want to own a famous piece of artwork. The technique is particularly convenient for artists who want to reproduce their work but can not mass produce it. Regardless of modern printing methods, a Giclee work is a lot more alluring as well as affordable. 

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