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Pretty as a hand-painted picture

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Pretty as a hand-painted picture

After browsing through the whole history of western art at, and being inspired and lifted by this collective monumental achievement, some choices are available to you.

After browsing through the whole history of western art at, and being inspired and lifted by this collective monumental achievement, some choices are available to you.

You can give yourself, or someone close and special, some gifts of the historical artwork that have touched you or that your loved ones may appreciate. The images of great art in the big digital database at our site that you have just seen, can be printed as very high-quality canvas prints and delivered to your home or office.

Professional artists on the staff at are also ever ready to hand-paint as oil painting on canvas your order for the replicas, in any size that you specify, of the western art masterpieces that you wish to have gracing your walls for a long time to come.

Being good and flexible artists, our staff members also appreciate having some fun, and to paint for you as paintings on canvas personal images from photographs that you supply to them.

These may be individual or family portraits, rendered in a variety of different styles of the historical art movements. It could be that you wish to have yourself appearing in an old image painted by Vermeer, or have your previously intact face nicely fragmented a la Picasso, or end up looking like an eye-catching Pop Art print by Andy Warhol.

By clicking our Customized artwork page : (, you can see how you can use some creativity to make that fun and personal hand-painted painting to show on your wall.

Imagine your face, or that of a member of your family or friends, being hand-painted like any of these attractive images?

Customize away

From the customization web page at, you can tell us how you want your final painting to be. You can choose online the composition of the painting from the various choices as shown above, the size and colors, and even the frame, if you wish the painting to be delivered framed to you anywhere in the world.

Freight cost is already included in the price of the finished painting that will be quoted to you.

Before going ahead with your commission, you can request us to email for your approval our Photoshop digital mockup of your requirements that can be amended until you are happy with your painting to be.

The canvas that we use for your painting can be standard cotton, or linen that we recommend.

Linen has better strength and resistance to decay. As linen is woven from the natural fibers of flax, the weave of the linen shows through the many layers of paint applied and produces a distinctive, natural and authentic look of an oil painting.

The valuable plant of flax has been used since early history for its strong fibers and seeds that also contain much goodness for human health. Flaxseeds are also known as linseeds, and the good oil from which has long been used as paint medium for oil paints, that the master painters of old also used.

The wonderful linen retains this natural oil in the surface of the canvas, making it more flexible with a more natural weave appearance than cotton canvas.

Mural artworks ordered will be painted on light cotton canvas, though.

Even the texture of your hand-made paintings can be ordered. Our artists can paint with the free but at time tortuous brush strokes of Van Gogh, or with the pointillism dots of Seurat, so that these textures show clearly on the surface of your canvas.

Or you may wish to order your painting of an old master to be aged accordingly with a crackled and antique-varnish finish.

We can supply many styles of frame that you can place around your painting online, trying out both the canvas and even matching the frame against the type and color of wall paper that may eventually be the background of the painting in your home.




If it takes your fancy, a painting of you and not Jane Fonda, in this famous Warhol style, can be supplied by us for your wall.

Andy Warhol (1928-1987), with his trademark white hairstyle, was quite a phenomenon as the American artist who led the Pop Art movement.

Previously a commercial illustrator, Warhol spent his famous career exploring the links between high art and the prevailing culture of American celebrity and advertising world that raged in the 1960s, as it still does now.

Born as Andrej Varchola in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Warhol was the son of working-class Rusyn emigrants from Miková in Slovakia.

The versatile and avant-garde artist freely used photography, silk screening, hand-drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, film, and music in his work.

When computers were introduced in 1985 just before his death, the artist was using one to make his art.

His studio, called The Factory, turned into a famous gathering place for intellectuals, playwrights, drag queens, street people and movie celebrities to drop in and be seen at.

Wealthy patrons and collectors visited too, and paid US$100 million for a 1963 canvas entitled Eight Elvises, the highest price ever paid for a Warhol painting.



Your picture too can have these printing ink spots on your face.

Roy Lichtenstein (1923-1997) was another prominent pop artist in America, along with Warhol, Jasper Johns and James Rosenquist.

Parody was the technique the artist used most effectively, mostly choosing the old-style classic comic strip to describe his subject matter.

Lichtenstein's hard-edged compositions recorded and parodied the rampant consumerism in American contemporary society in a tongue-in-cheek humorous way.

He said that Pop Art was not American painting but actually "industrial painting" in the same way that his prints, as those of Warhol, can be cranked out in a mass-producing way, similar to cans of tomato soup.

Born in New York City into an upper-middle-class Jewish family, Lichtenstein first became interested in art and design as a hobby and drew pictures of jazz musicians as he loved their music.

His painting Whaam! (1963), adapted from a comic-book panel, became a famous example of Pop Art. It shows a fighter aircraft firing a rocket to blow up an enemy's plane.

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